About us

Greenways are you – say those who try to create, discover, link, singpost, thus form greenways. In our opinion greenways are hidden in all of us, we just need to meet our companions in this work saving and creating values.

”Greenways are multifunctional routes that are created for people travelling or hiking on foot, horse, bicycle or in any other non-motorised way. They can be green corridors, historical and trade routes, trails along rivers or disused railways, waterways. The greenways are run by local communities with the aim of creating an environmentally and economically sustainable society and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Greenways are ideal places for community initiatives and for developments related to nature protection, cultural heritage, sustainable tourism and non-motorised transport. Greenways were created with the intention of fulfilling the needs of both locals and tourists and boosting the local economy.”

(from the declaration of the Central and Eastern European Greenways)

Greenways are created in regions where revealing common values, preserving the natural and human heritage and the transfer of knowledge became a power able to crate communities. The Greenways programme that was initiated in Hungary by Ökotárs Foundation and is coordinated by the Greenways Methodology Association, helps sustainable development of regions, tourism and economy, safe and environment friendly forms of transport and nature protection by supporting local communities.

We wish all our Greenway companions a pleasant stroll and wandering!